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  • Dimensions are of image area.


  • w/eng = wood engraving.
  • w/cut = woodcut.
  • lin = linocut.
  • pr/col = printed in colour.
  • hnd/col = hand coloured.

Abstract 2,
w/eng. pr/col. 88 x 64mm.

Abstract 3

Abstract 3,
w/eng. pr/col.88 x 64

Abstract 5,
w/eng. 38 x 51mm




Abstract 6, w/eng. pr/col. 38 x 51mm.

Abstract Monoprint 1,
lin, pr/col. 173 x 123mm

Abstract monoprint 2,
lin, pr/col. 173 x 123mm.

An Oast,
w/eng 75 x 83mm.

w/eng. 39 x 51mm.

Donne’s Valediction,
w/eng. 142 x 103mm.

Double Crown device a,
w/eng. 42 x 74mm.

Double Crown Club device b,
w/eng. 42 x 74mm.

w/eng. 89 x 63mm.

Ewe at Evening,
w/eng. 64 x 89mm

Father Time Arriving,
w/eng. 47 x 39mm.

Father Time Departing,
w/eng. 44 x 29mm.

Initial As,
w/eng, pr/col. 37 x 33mm.

Great Janus,
w/eng, pr/col.38 x 37mm.

lin. 340 x 260mm.

Little Otter,
w/eng. 37 x 46mm.

w/eng. 63 x 83mm.

Nude in Apple,
w/eng. 80 x 91mm.

Partridge in a Peartree,
lin, pr/col. 71 x 71mm.

Plants for Paper,
w/eng. 90 x 65mm.

w/eng, hnd/col. 101 x 76mm.

Study for a Stone Carving, w/eng. 40 x 62mm.

The Battleground,
w/eng. 89 x 63mm.

The Graveyard,
w/eng. 51 x 38mm.

Three Men in a Jug,
w/e. 51 x 38mm.

lin. 143 x 95mm.

Two Turtledoves,
lin, pr/col. 70 x 70mm.

Untitled Abstract,
w/cut, pr/col. 92 x 140mm.

Victorian Sampler (b/w), w/eng. 89 x 64mm.

Victorian Sampler (col), w/eng, hnd/col. 89 x 64mm.

Visiting Day,
w/eng and type flower, pr/col. 81 x 67mm.

w/eng. 101 x 74mm.

lin, pr/col. 106 x 50mm.

Weavers Cot,
w/eng. 49 x 90mm.

Coloured Swirl
82mm diameter

White Swirl
82mm diameter