Thomas Bewick Engraver & the Performance of Woodblocks

Highlights of the review by Simon Brett in the Society of Wood Engravers journal Multiples, May 2021.

‘If artists of today want to learn anything from Bewick’s foundational handling of the medium, this is where they will find it’.

‘The reader bounds along, hardly realizing how much information is being absorbed’.

‘Bewick’s black and white images, processed in colour, have never looked better’.

‘For many engravers, and for non-engravers who want to understand history from a participant’s point of view, it will be essential and well worth its weight’.

‘The beautiful layout of the book by Susan Wightman at Libanus Press deserves all praise.’

Multiples, May 2021

Corrigendum Multiples August 2021

Highlights of the review by Peter Quinn in The Journal of The Bewick Society, Cherryburn Times Summer 2021

‘Thomas Bewick Engraver & the performance of woodblocks, comes in two forms: standard and special. The beautifully printed, cloth bound standard edition looks fairly ‘special’ to this reviewer.’

‘This book presents a highly individual approach to the subject matter and as such it is a refreshing new resource in our understanding of Bewick’.

‘It is much to the author’s credit that he manages to avoid the pitfalls of an overly technical manual on the printing of historic wood blocks’.

Cherryburn Times, Summer 2021

Highlights of the review by Kirsty Anderson in Children’s Book History Society Newsletter No. 130

“The best executed Wood cut, will appear as an ugly blot in the hands of a bungling Pressman – & in general they are of that character and know nothing about the meaning of giving a print its proper Effect.” So wrote Thomas Bewick to his friend Philip Harrison on 11 May 1792. Graham Williams has devoted much of his life to striving after this proper effect.

‘Overall the book is handsomely designed and printed and makes a fitting tribute to the skill of a master engraver whose genius so far outstripped the printing expertise of his own day’.

Children’s Book History Society Newsletter, September 2021


Understanding Paper: Assessment and Permanence for Artists and Fine Printers

Highlights from the review by Peter Bower in The Quarterly 120, October 2021 the journal of the British Association of Paper Historians

‘This is an intriguing book, quite unlike any published before on paper and its usage’.

‘It is about how any user of paper can make their own assessments of three distinct attributes of paper based on questions of aesthetics, practicability in use and the permanence of paper’.

‘This book makes a very readable and accessible addition to any library. It’s beautifully designed and written: every sentence and idea are infused with the author’s years of experience in handling and using paper. The Glossary will prove very useful for anyone just starting out on their journey with paper’.

The Quarterly 120, October 2021

Highlights from the review by Simon Brett in the Society of Wood Engravers journal Multiples, November 2021.

‘We think of the paper as subordinate to the image. But this is exactly Graham Williams’ point. Your paper is the colour of your whites and your margins, the vehicle of your blacks, its texture affects the composition of your greys’.

‘For those just starting out, the book offers a breadth of reference beyond any recommendations a tutor might give and a degree of confidence when visiting a good paper supplier for the first time’.

‘The book puts the results of a whole series of investigations at our disposal, ending with an appendix on ink and a very educational glossary’.

Multiples, November 2021