The Florin Press has some exciting projects in the pipeline, in 2024 we will be publishing two new publications by Nigel Tattersfield.

In January 2023 we started to print from 50 of the original woodblocks, from Bewick’s Aesop

and the following titles are also well on the way : –

Handprinting Topics by Graham Williams

Make-ready, the text is complete and the book is now being designed.

An Eighteenth Century Peepshow

If you are interested in receiving updates, further information, or would like to register an interest in any of these projects please email us at, or give us a call on 01233 712774.



Recent Prospectuses

All these publications are available from our shop

Thomas Bewick Engraver & the performance of woodblocks

A Collection of Printing from Woodblocks

Understanding Paper assessment and permanence for artists and fine printers

And a little bit of information about the thinking behind these publications.

What’s this all about then