A Collection of Printing from Woodblocks on a diversity of papers


Printed by Graham Williams at The Florin Press

These individual leaves demonstrate the difference that good printing makes to an image. The details, distances, textures and tones, so often missing in Bewick’s published works, are a revelation to most who admire his work. The same applies to older and contemporary wood engravings that are also represented. There are fifteen engravings on the leaves and a further eleven in the accompany Notes.

The paper that supports the engraved image plays a very important part in what we see. That is why the various images are printed on some forty different papers, handmade, mould-made and machine made, inviting all manner of comparisons. Assessments of thirty four of these papers are  included in Understanding Paper and a  copy of this book is included with every copy of A Collection of Printing from Woodblocks.

In a drop back box made by The Wayte Bindery, covered in brown book cloth titled in gold on the spine, with a copy of the Notes as illustrated here. 315mm x 235mm.

The edition of 75 copies is divided into four tiers each with a copy of the Notes and different quantities of prints. Full details are in the prospectus

THIS COLLECTION numbered 16 – 40 contains 61 examples on 31 different papers. £865.00.

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