Understanding Paper. Assessment and permanence for artists & fine printers


by Graham Williams

Standard edition

Publication date 17 September 2021

The qualities of paper are of tremendous importance for those who use it and for those who collect or conserve works on it. With modern industrialisation there is an increasing need to know more, particularly whether individual papers can be expected to have a long life without deteriorating. The current international standards for paper are examined and found to be inadequate for works of art or fine craft. In their place the author shows how any paper can be assessed by the user, including longevity. The information in this book applies to handmade, mould-made and machine made papers and 34 individual papers are assessed. A glossary completes this book that places knowledge into the hands of artists, fine printers and conservators allowing them to assess paper independently. For further information see our prospectus.

Standard ed. (234 x 159mm) 134pp. Printed by Gomer Press Ltd, Wales. Typeset and designed by Libanus Press, cover design by the author. Bound in a card cover in colour.

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